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Research Area

Department Name Research cell(s) /area(s) of research in the department

Applied Chemistry

Corrosion inhibition by Nano materials, Photocatalytic degradation of toxic materials, Synthesis and characterization of Metal complexe Synthesis ,characterization and analytical applications of novel Organic compounds. Synthesis, characterization and reactions of unsaturated nitrones

Applied Mathematics

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Complex Analysis
Fuzzy Algebra
Stochastic Process
Differential Equations

Automobile Engineering

Biofuel research
Automotive brakes
Engine modification

Bio technology

Computational Systems Biotechnology

Chemical Engineering

Environmental Engineering, Bio diesel, Fuel Cells Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, Fluidization Engineering, Reaction Engineering, Heat and MassTransfer

Computer Applications:

Data mining
Adhoc Networks
Pattern Recognition
Machine learning
Software Testing

Computer Science and Engineering

Cross Layer Optimization
Smart House / Smart Plant Watering System

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Power Electronics
Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
Nanotechnology and Physical Electronics
Digital Signal Processing
Embedded Systems

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Microwave Communication
RF and Microwave Engineering
Design of UWB Antenna and Filter
Networking and Network Security
Wireless Networks and Cognitive Radio
Bio Medical Image Processing and Soft Computing

Mechanical Engineering

Tribology in Design, Mechanical Vibrations, Composite Material, Casting, Surface Coatings, Super plastic forming, Machining of Composites, Engine Performance, Emission characteristics study, Bio-Gas

Information Technology

Grid Computing                 
Wireless Communication
Image Processing     
Video Processing