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E-Beat application for Police Department-Developed by Harish Anantharaman(IV -IT A), Sreenidhi MJ (III- IT B) and Deepak Raju (IV - CSE A)

on 31/01/19,by HOD IT, under SVCE in NEWS,Achievements


The app is intended for use by the Beat patrol officers of the Kanchipuram police force. Traditionally when the officers go for their Beat patrol, they inform about their location and presence manually to the higher authorities. This leads to various discrepancies, miscommunication and inaccuracy of information. In order to overcome these drawbacks, the E-Beat app helps in recording the attendance of the officers by means of scanning a QR code and retrieving their GPS location along with the photograph of the officer who is registering his attendance. All this data is then sent to a google sheet which is updated on a daily basis. This sheet is used by the higher authorities to register the attendance of the officers. Thus the E-Beat app ensures a high accuracy of the data which is being recorded and ensures there are no falsehoods in the data. Using the information from the Google sheet, the higher authorities can direct officers who are present nearby a particular location to take any required action or to mobilise them.

 The project was done completely under the guidance of the DSP of Sriperumbudur - Mr Rajesh Kannan IPS and the SP of Kanchipuram - Mr Santhosh Hadimani IPS . Our Principal ,Dr Ganesh Vaidhyanathan and the Hod’s offered their fullest support and coordination for the above project.