The Red Cross Society is a customary, ubiquitous, universally accepted and internationally identified humanitarian service organisation. It organises relief and assistance without discrimination to the victims of armed conflicts, endeavours to mitigate and alleviate the human sufferings, wherever and whenever the naturals or manmade disasters cripple the society.

It works to ensure respect and dignity for human being and serves to promote mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation among all peoples. It is the biggest, self-standing non-religious non-political, non-sectarian and voluntary relief organisation which treats people equally without any discrimination.

In 1863 at Geneva, Switzerland it was established by “Jean Henry Dunant”, who was a successful businessman was the founder and know as the father of The Red Cross Society. He was awarded with noble prize for peace in 1901.

Indian Red Cross Society:-

 The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) was established under parliament act XV of in 1920 and further amended in 1956, 1957 and 1992. It was recognized by International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) in 1929. The core focus of IRCS is promoting Humanitarian principles and Values, Disaster Management, Health Care and Blood Services.

Mission of IRCS:

It aims to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times all forms of humanitarian activities so that suffering be minimised alleviated and even prevented and thus contributes to creating a more congenial climate for peace.

Youth Red Cross:

The Youth Red Cross is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross Society. It is group movement organised at the initial stages for students between 18 and 25 years of age within the colleges.

Objectives of Youth Red Cross:-

1. Protection of Health & Life.

2. Service to the Sick & Suffering.

3. Promotion of National & International Friendship, to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth.

Qualities of YRC member:-


YRC Pledge:

Darthikaronirmalkarobeedaprabu hey
Jeevankarovujvalnavajyothibaro hey - (2)
Dukkijanonkiseva hum kare - (2)
Baththalithonko gale lagale - (2)
Shanthibadhashanthikaaryashanthivarada hey!
Jeevankarovujvalnavajyothibaro hey!
Nava jyothibaro hey, navajyothibaro hey!

YRC Programme Officer's Pledge:

As a Programme Officer of Youth Red Cross, I promise to serve, to work loyally for the promotion of health and the relief of suffering and distress, where I   could notice it and to carry in relationship youth of all Nations.

YRC Member’s Pledge:

I pledge myself to care my own health and that of others, to help the sick and suffering specially children and to look upon the youth all over the world as my friends.

about us

Youth Red Cross-SVCE Unit is one of the oldest clubs started in SVCE and takes the pride of being one of the oldest YRC Unit in Tamilnadu. The slogan of YRC SVCE unit is Through Humanity to Peace.

YRC-SVCE Unit was co-ordinated by Dr. S. Selvakumar, Formar Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, SVCE. Currently, the unit is being coordinated by Dr. R. Govindarasu, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and co-coordinated by Dr. N. R. Sheela, Asst. Professor, Department of Applied Physics, SVCE. Then the subsequent programme of YRC-SVCE Unit is conducted every month in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu branch.

YRC-SVCE unit create and train among the youth about social responsibility, health and life, and to develop moral capacities. It also emphasise on serving the sick and suffering people. The YRC- SVCE aims to have young people recognized by social leadership as equal partners who address the needs of the most vulnerable sections of the population. The unit considers every student in the college as an active YRC member and motivates everyone to participate in various activities with immense pride.

The unit is well funded by the college management and stands as a strong pillar of support for our progression. The principal Prof. S. Ganesh Vaidyanathan, who is the chief Advisory committee member of YRC-SVCE unit, is really passionate and dedicated in encouraging the student members of this unit for conducting various activities and stands as a great moral support to this unit. 

Advisory committee members:
Prof. S. Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Principal, SVCE
Dr. R.Govindarsasu, Coordinator, YRC-SVCE Unit
Dr. N.R.Sheela, Asst. Coordinator, YRC-SVCE Unit

Organizing Students Members(AY:2018-19):

Mr.D.SriramVenkateswaran, President
Mr.S.Mohanamurali, Vice  President
Ms.V.Gayathri, Secretary
Mr.N.N Harish Kumar, Treasurer
Mr.P.Dhinesh Kumar, Joint Secretary
Ms.K.Akshaya, Executive member
Ms.C.Swathi, Executive member
Mr.L.B.Pugazhendhi, Executive member
Mr.R.RayyanRameezuddin, Executive member
Mr.C.Guruchandran, Executive member


YRC SVCE unit has been performing several activities periodically throughout the academic year.


Induction Program

Youth Red Cross – SVCE began its activities for the academic year 2018-2019 on the 28th of October, 2018. It was inaugurated by the chief guest Pulavar. R. Manickam, Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, and Kancheepuram District. The lamp of empowerment was lit by our beloved Principal Prof.S.Ganesh Vaidhyanathan, who has been constantly supporting theactivities and services of YRC-SVCE unit. Our beloved Principal introduced the activities and the success stories of YRC to the gathering. He also emphasized on the importance of peace and humanity with few classical examples and how YRC has been a pioneer in spreading peace through humanity. Our beloved Principal presented a memento to our prestigious chief guest. The YRC chairperson Dr. R.Govindarasu presented a bouquet to our Principal. The commencement of YRC-SVCE activities for AY: 2018-19 had a great and energetic start.

Road Safety awareness

Transport section of SVCE and YRC-SVCE Unit organised the road safety awareness program on 4th of February 2019 in SVCE. The road safety awareness events were inaugurated by Sriperumbudur region Motor Vehicle Inspector Mr. MR. Mugundhan with his enlightened speech. During the programme, debate, quiz and mimicry about road accident and its prevention were highlighted. Debate was conducted on the topic “Do youngster’s have awareness about road safety or not?” with Dr. Anitha, HOD/CSE as the Judge. Our beloved Secretary Dr. M. Sivanandham and respected Principal Dr. S. Ganesh Vaithyanathan delivered their presidential address about road safety and its significance. The programme was honoured by the chief guest, Mr. R .P .Senthilkumar, RTO, Sriperumbudur. He addressed the gathering about the safety awareness, existing traffic rules, statistics of road accident, accident prevention, etc. The entire program was coordinated by SVCE Transport conveners Dr. S. Saravanan and Mr. S. R. Balasubramanian and YRC Chairperson Dr. R. Govindarasu.

Kerala Flood Relief Fund

There was a huge disaster in our neighbouring state Kerala during the month of September 2018.Thousands of families suffered without food, clothes and shelter. Since they lost their livelihood in the essence of spreading humanity through peace, YRC-SVCE volunteers initiated a plan. There is saying that hard work will yield a fruit for sure, and there came a success story in the annals of SVCE. YRCians made a magic and collected a fund of around Rs.25,000/- from our fellow SVCEians. This proved that nothing in this world is impossible when hard work and teamwork are united.

On the day of YRC-SVCE inauguration (28th October 2018), the fund collected was handed over to the Pulavar. R. Manickam, Indian Red Cross Kanchepuram District Secretary. This was done by our beloved Principal and YRC-SVCE Chairperson Dr. R. Govindarasu in presence of fellow SVCE YRCians.

Blood Donation Camp

Youth Red Cross SVCE unit has been actively involved in organizing many social events and as a part of this activity a voluntary blood donation camp was organized on 7th of February 2019 in association with Leo club, Rotary Club, NCC and NSS in SVEC. Pulavar R. Manikkam, District Sectary Kancheepuram district inaugurated the Camp in presence of Dr..Chandra, Medical Officer, Red Cross Blood Bank,Chennai. YRC Chairperson Dr.R.Govindarasu welcomed the chief guest and the Doctor’s team with Boutique The camp started at 9 a.m at the Video hall in SVCE and the number of students who came forward to donate blood multiple as time proceeded. Blood donors were guided by the members of YRC-SVCE Unit. After blood donation, Donors were provided with juice and biscuits. During the camp about 73 units of blood was collected.YRC coordinator Dr.R.Govindarasu and Dr.N.R.Sheela extended their support throughout the camp which lead to successful completion of the camp


First Aid Training

The day 28th of October was one of the golden days in the history of YRC-SVCE. It was a fine afternoon session wherein our students were brisk enough and enthusiastic to learn something new. Mr.N.Krishnan, District Treasurer-IRCS and Pluvar.R.Manickam, District Secretary- IRCS, Kancheepuram District, provided to our students a very important lecture with practical sessions on the topic ‘Lessons to be learnt during the life time by every human’.
The major topics on the lecture session covered first aid, safety and recovery. They gave a brief idea about first aid for accidents on fracture care and counselling on prevention of suicide. Our students were well trained with CPR techniques which will be far helpful for them to treat people who suffer from sudden risk of heart disease. The entire programme for the day was well organised by the YRC-SVCE co-ordinators Dr.R.Govindarasu and Dr.N.R.Sheela.

Environment Awareness Programme

CARE Club of SVCE in association with YRC-SVCE Unit organized an environment awareness program on 27th of December 2018. Prof.T.Murugavel HOD, HSS Department, SVCE welcomed the chief guest Mr .Madhav Patil, an environmentalist from Mumbai and initiated the programme. Mr.Madhav Patil started the session with his ideology “BATHPILL” to the crowd. Literally, bathpill means “skip a bath”. But Mr. Madhav defines bathpill as “sacrifice, dedication & concern”. According to Madhav’s ideology, skipping a bath inversely helps our farmers. Because each human being spends around 20 litres of water daily for bath alone. If we do so, billion litres of water can be saved daily in the world. Then he introduced another concept of NAILFREE trees. He added that, It is not fair to nail a tree. He advised the gathering to preach the idea of nailfree trees to a maximum extent. YRC chair person Dr.R.Govindarasu gifted a drop of water to our guest. Members of YRC-SVCE rendered a great support to make the event a grand success. The event made the importance of environment and the need to preserve it for the future.

Dengue Awareness

YRC -SVCE unit organised door to door DENGUE awareness campaign on 4th November, 2018 to the people of Sivanthangal Village, Sriperumbudur Taluk. The awareness campaign was flagged off at SVCE by Prof. K. R .Santha, Vice principal and Dr. N. Meyyappan, HOD, Department of Chemical Engineering along with the distribution of badges to the YRC-SVCE organising team members. The campaign was kick started at Sivanthangal village by the chief guest Pulavar . R . Manickam, Secretary- IRCS, Kancheepuram District. He provided essential tips to the people of Sivanthangal village on the eradication of mosquito menace. As a part of the campaign, our YRC members distributed about 10 litres of Nilavembu-Kudineer (NK) to the people of Sivanthangal village. NK is proven to be the only Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat and cure dengue at a faster rate than English medicine. During the campaign, the staffs from Sriperumbudur municipality contributed their support to our team. The campaign came to an end with a memento to the chief guest by Dr. R. Govindarasu.

Plastic – Free Zone Awareness Program

Waste produced by us and other creatures has to be degraded at any cause for not causing pollution to the Environment, but plastic is one such thing that has a very slow degrading rate i.e. after thousands of years it still remains the same. Plastic has a very harmful effect on the environment if we dispose or throw it without processing. Therefore, it is necessary to create a plastic-free zone in order to control pollution. To kick start this awareness, YRC SVCE unit and IIChE – SVCE Student Chapter jointly organized an awareness program on this title. The event was held on 12th March 2019, at Biotech Conference Hall in SVCE with the chief guest Dr. S. Jeevanandham, Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, Kancheepuram District. The chief guest gave a brief and intellectual talk about the importance of the plastic free zone and made the session interactive. Dr. N. Meyyappan HOD, Chemical Engineering presented a memento to the chief guest after the talk. The programme was well organised by the YRC Co-ordinators Dr.R.Govindarasu, Dr. N.R. Sheela and IIChE Coordinator Ms.PG Priyadarshini and the event become a grand success.

Eye Donation awarness

Eye is the one of the most important organs of human body through which we can see this beautiful world created by God. So, it becomes necessary to take care of our eyes. YRC-SVCE unit organized an eye donation and screening camp on 4th January 2019 in Video Hall, SVCE. YRC Coordinator Dr. R. Govindarasu welcomed the Doctors and their team with boutique. Dr. M. Nishanth, the chief guest of the function gave a brief talk on the title “Common Eye Problem and Importance of Eye donation”. This talk was given among 120 students for an hour with great insight. After the talk Dr. N. Meyyappan, HOD of Chemical Engineering presented momento to the Chief guest and their team. Eye screening camp was initiated after the chief guest talk. During this camp, 103 students and staff members actively participated and screened their eyes. The camp was successfully completed with the coordination of Dr. R. Govindarasu, Dr. N.R. Sheela and the YRC volunteers.


YRC SVCE unit has been performing several activities periodically throughout the academic year.

Kerala Flood Relief Fund

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    Coordinator, YRC-SVCE Unit
    Associate Professor
    Department of Chemical Engineering
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