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Office of the Director Alternative Energy

Posted by The office of the Director Alternative Energy

Dr.N.K Mohanthy

(Incharge Centre for Aletenative Energy)

Office of the Director (Alternative Energy) is formed in July 2012.

Energy conservation in campus.
2 Power Generation through Alternative Energy.
3 Water Conservation.
4 Using of waste water.
5 Effective use of computers and saving energy while using.

During odd  Semester (2012-13), 7 third year EE students worked under his Guidance and conducted a mini Energy Audit for the consumption of Energy  in SVCE campus for the period (2011 – 2012) academic year. The following inferences have been made.


  1. Peak load of the consumption curve is 770.48 kVA which is 20.48 kVA more than the sanctioned maximum demand of 750 kVA in the month of Oct ‘11(due to University exmn.).
  2. The energy consumption in September 2011 is maximum which  179450 units.
  3. Maximum power bill(EB+DG) is in April 2012, Rs. 15,82,659
  4. Cost of EB power varies from Rs. 5.75 – 8.58 / unit(Total bill÷No. of units)
  5. Cost of DG set power varies from Rs. 12.15 – 14.77/unit
  6.  Average cost (EB+DG) varies from  Rs. 6.15 – 9.52/unit
  7. The total cost incurred towards energy consumption (EB+DG) for the period is Rs. 1, 29, 43,508 and this works out to be Rs.7.50/unit.

The committee for conservation of Energy & Water is formed with the staff members of SVCE who are expert in that area. The Various Sub Committee are formed with their expertise in their field.

The sub committees are:

1. Electrical Power and Alternative Solar Energy

        1. Dr. Dr.N.K Mohanthy , Incharge Alternative Energy             
        2. Dr.K.Pitchandi, Professor/Mechanical                  
        3. Mr.M.Swaminathan, Asst Engineer/EM             

2. Water conservation and its Usage

        1. Mr.R.Karthikeyan, Associate Professor/EE
        2. Mr.B.Swaminathan, Estate Engineer  

3. Bio gas, Bio Diesel

        1. Dr. Ravindranath HOD/CE
        2.  Dr.K.Pitchandi,  Professor/ME
        3. Dr.E. Nakkeeran Associate Professor/BT

4. Optimum use of Computers and related equipments

Committee meets once or twice is a semester to deliberate the progress in their area. The committee met on 22-09-2016 during last Semester and for the odd semester of (2016-17)

Principal and the Director (Alternative Energy) attended the meeting convened by the Govt. of T.N. in Nov’12 to give the deliberation regarding the statutory installation of Solar Power in the College Campus.On these lines the College has proposal of Solar Power installation in 2013 for 3%(35kW) of its total Consumption.

The College has adopted various measures for the conservation of energy. There is a proposal to replace existing street light S.V.P Lamps by LED Lamps by which conservation of energy on street light will be 2/3 of existing consumption. An LED street lamp is fitted on experimental basis in January 2013 on found successful. To monitor the energy consumption , the energy meters will be installed at various location.

The college has been arranging water for its consumption from outside as there is no ground water available. The sewage treatment plant(STP) is also coming up to use the treated  water for flush tanks and garden. 


  1. Water consumption per day is 4, 50,000 litres.
  2. 5 water tankers are used to make 45 loads to meet the demand. The cost of water in campus is 5 paise/litre.
  3. The annual water bill is Rs.70 lakhs.

Solar Power

Solar water heater for two new hostel blocks each for the capacity of 5000 ltrs. (2 Nos). are installed and functioning satisfactorily. The total cost of solar water heaters is Rs37 Lacs.The MNRE granted subsidy 30% (11Lac) for this project.

As per the TN Govt Solar 2012 Policy SVCE has installed the Solar Power plant of 35kW grid connected to fulfill the obligation of 3% Energy consumption from Solar power plant by 31.12.2013.It has the capacity of generating 175 units per day fro 300 days in a year.The total cost of Solar power plant is Rs37lacs .The MNRE has approved the subsidy of 30%(11Lacs) for this plant.


Yearly Units Generated and Total Income from Solar Plant: 

Sl No


Units Generated

Electric Bill saved











2,07,002 X Rs 9.0= Rs 18,63,018













January 2019- February 2019


7,984X Rs.9.00= Rs.71,856

Total income

Rs. 23,56,416/-


Sewage treatment plant is installed in SVCE at cost of Rs71lacs for the capacity of 250KLD with 200 KLD Ultra filtration facility.

Four students have been trained in the area of assessment and calculation of power for the installation of Solar Power in various places in the campus. They have conducted the survey and estimated the capacity of Solar Plant to replace the conventional power supply.